Dedicated to natural products and practices.
Using only naturally grown fruit and berries from the
& raw organic sugar.
We create wine with as much character as our many varieties,
All without added sulfites.

Hope you enjoy the many varieties while they are in season.
Supplies may be limited.

Badass Blackberry:
A full robust wine with lots of flavor. Closest thing I have to a Merlot. The berries are grown locally in Lewis & Cowlitz Co. Hand picked by friends and family. Serve with pasta, beef or wild game such as elk and venison.

Rippin Raspberry:
A fine wine with lots of raspberry flavor. These berries are naturally grown on the winery premises as well as at my son’s home. 
Enjoy with anything from pasta to seafood, pork to salad

Crazy Cranberry
Loaded with the tartness of organic grown cranberries from Cranguyma Farms . With just enough sweet to light up you palette. Best with Thanksgiving dinner.

Pleasant Plum: 
Much improved, made with yellow Green Gage Plums,  
A pleasant wine to serve with lighter fare.

Chillin Cherry:
Smooth with lots of earthy characteristics, complex.  This was an experiment with Black Bing Cherries from the Yakima Valley. Many claim it has Port similarities.   

Strangely Strawberry:
Rainier Strawberries naturally grown here on the winery premises make this semi sweet wine great with lunch on a warm summer day. 

Radical Rhubarb:
Natural Rhubarb from a local farm in Onalaska was just the thing for this delightful wine. Many have said this is close to a Zinfandel, but better.   

Bouncing Blueberry:
The sweetest wine we
have, Aldrich’s Berry Farm in Mossyrock supplied us with these bouncing blueberries. wonderful with dessert,
Chez Cake or Ice Cream.

Awesome Apple:

Released October 2010. Sweet, Crisp,Clean. I add a bit of cinnamon, if you like Apple Pie you'll love this. Delightful as dessert

Positively Peach Honey Wine:
NEW, released May 2012 !!!
Local honey and organic peaches combined to create this delightful wine.

 Our Wines are on the sweeter side, 
but not too sweet.
Wells’ Winery
140 Eschaton Rd.
PO Box 344
Onalaska, WA. 98570

360-269-2936 cell
 E mail:

Wells' Winery
Onalaska, WA.      360-978-6254
Tasting Room open on Sunday's   Noon till 5:00 pm

Chehalis Valley Wine Tour
April 30, 2016
11:00  -  6:00

Chehalis Valley Wine Tour
April 30, 2016
11:00  -  6:00

Wine Truffles
made by none other, the talented & sweet Brother Bliss of Blissful Wunders
Confectionery Chocolat'
 He has worked wunders to create a delightful truffle using our
 Badass Blackberry, Bouncing Blueberry,  and Rippin Raspberry
Supplies are limted so visit his web site for other delightful truffles


We at Wells' Winery prefer to use locally grown produce provided to us from small farmers and local gardeners.  If you are a small farmer or gardener with an abundance of produce, Please contact Carol at

For orders and shipping quote contact Carol at
Wine: $14.86 ea. 750 ml bottle
10 % off 6 bottles or more
15 % off 12 or more
Wine Truffles: $3.00 ea.
4 / $10.00
Winery logo Glasses: $6.00
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